Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland, Francis H Groome, 1895

Brucefield, an estate, with a mansion, in Clackmannan parish, Clackmannanshire. Coal is worked on the estate.

Coalsnaughton, a collier village of Clackmannanshire, in the parish and 1 mile S by E of the town of Tillicoultry. It has a public school. Pop. (1891) 888.

Devon Iron-works, an extensive establishment in the Sauchie section of Alloa parish, Clackmannanshire, near the left bank of the Devon, 2 1/2 miles NNE of Alloa. With several furnaces and a large foundry, it turns out some thousands of tons of pig-iron in the year, and converts a considerable portion thereof into cast-iron goods; and it communicates by one railway with Alloa Harbour, by another with Clackmannan Pow at the mouth of the Black Devon.

Devonside, a village in Tillicoultry parish, 3/4 mile SSE of Tillicoultry town. It adjoins a brick and tile work, and is near a coal mine. Pop. (1881) 479, (1891) 687.

Kennet, a collier village, with a public school, in Clackmannan parish, Clackmannanshire, 1 mile ESE of Clackmannan town, and 1 1/4 SSW of Kincardine station. Kennet House, 1 mile SE of Clackmannan, is a handsome mansion of the beginning of the present century, which, commanding a charming view of the waters and screens of the Forth, is surrounded by gardens and plantations of great beauty, and contains a number of. family portraits – Gen. James Bruce, Brigadier-General Alexander Bruce, Lord Kennet, &c. The estate was obtained from his father in 1389 by Thomas, a natural son of Sir Robert Bruce of Clackmannan; and his descendant, Alexander-Hugh Bruce (b. 1849), in 1868 established his claim to the title of sixth Baron Balfour of Burleigh (cr. 1607), as fifth in female descent from the fourth Lord. He holds 3064 acres in Clackmannan, Stirling, Fife, and Perth shires, valued at £5103 per annum. Thomas Boston (16761732), author of the Fourfold State, was tutor at Kennet in 1696-97 – Ord. Sur., sh. 39, 1869. See pp. 63-65 of James Lothian’s Alloa (3d ed. 1871).

Sauchie, a village in the detached portion of Clackmannan parish, with a station on the Devon Valley railway, 1 1/2mile N by E of Alloa, under which it has a post office. A church here, built as a chapel of ease in 1841-42, was raised to quoad sacra status in 1877. Pop. of q.s. parish (1881) 2935, of whom 1252 were in Alloa parish and 1683 in Clackmannan.—Ord. Sur., sh. 39, 1869.

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